sugar Snap peas

Sugar snap (Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon) peas are a cool season, frost hardy vegetable. When growing snap peas, they are meant to be harvested and eaten with both pods and peas. Snap peas are great in salads while raw, or cooked in stir fries with other vegetables. How to Grow Snap Peas Growing sugar snap peas is best when the temperature is 45 F. (7 C.) or higher, so wait until you’re sure chance of frost is past. The soil should also be dry enough to till without the dirt clumping up and sticking to your garden tools. After the early spring rains is definitely best.

  • Continues for two months.
  • Picking done twice a week.
  • Harvest pods when they are bright green, well- filled with the pea but with some space between the peas.
  • Pods contain three to eight peas each.

sugar Snap peas

sugar Snaps are what you can call a cross between snow peas and garden peas. Smaller, crunchier and more rounded, snap peas tend to be a little bit sweeter.

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